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Nationwide Civic Solutions for
Federal and Local Programs

Government Services, Grant Administration, Housing Administration Legal Services, and Land Management

Team Civic Solutions, National Program Manager
Government Services, Land Management, Housing Assistance Programs

Team Civil Solutions (TCS) has been proving real estate services to the public sector and private clients for over 16 years.  In partnership with our sister companies: Team Title, RHHC Law, and Accurate Abstracting, TCS has provided closing, buyout, easement, title, abstracting, grants management, CDBG consulting, escrow, disbursement and appraisal management services to State and Federal government agencies throughout the country since 2007.

As a company, we have successfully performed government services in Louisiana, Texas, North Carolina, New Jersey, Florida,  California, and Puerto Rico. Our federal experience includes program delivery for the United States Department of Natural Resources, the United States Department of Housing and Urban Development, and the United State Small Business Administration.


TCS is a seasoned and established government contractor with the capacity to scale up our staffing resources for large-scale program administration. We understand the interworkings and demands of government programs, the processes required to rapidly implement programming, and the communication methods to initiate database systems and reporting mechanisms. 

Program Management: Successful project delivery of national government programs for various housing, land management, and disaster related programs


Title Services and Escrow Services: Provide ownership verification and abbreviated (10 year/ 2 link) or complete title search (30 year) based on program requirements. Research includes matters such outstanding taxes, the existence of superior liens, other ownership interests, use restrictions, & servitudes

Data Management and Workflow: Full-service data management and program workflow including assisting municipalities and states with advertising, communications, marketing and other public outreach efforts as needed. Customized software applications implemented quickly and effectively for flexible modification upon contract award

Applicant Support: Provide high-quality guidance and direct customer support for applicants (renters) and landlords participating in Emergency Rental Assistance Programs (ERAP) and other Grant Programs

Financial Management: Coordination with designated financial institution(s) to process payments to eligible recipients including applicants (renters), landlords, utilities and/or any other appropriate parties that are authorized to receive federal funding


  • Louisiana Road Home 

  • Louisiana Restore Program 2016 

  • Louisiana Restore Program 2021 (Laura/Delta/Ida)

  • Rebuild Florida 

  • Puerto Rico 

  • Rebuild Texas 

  • ReCover California 

  • Renew New Jersey

  • ReBuild North Carolina


The outcome is the most important part of the journey. Following guiding principles that keep the goal in focus and filtering out the “noise” keeps projects on track to deliver value. ​


A project should only be pursued if it’s supported by a well-reasoned business case. ​


Transparency from all parties is essential to be effective. We work in a way that makes it safe for everyone to understand and tell the truth. When we say we can do something, we make it easy to see how. ​


People are the most important part of our business. We value long-term relationships with employees and with clients.


Being willing to have fun while getting things done makes the process more enjoyable and sustainable. ​


Elegance and simplicity are valuable principles in the production of creative, efficient, and sincere work. ​



TCS began offering disaster recovery and government services under Team Title, LLC after Hurricane Katrina. This devastating hurricane of 2005 affected hundreds of thousand of Louisiana residents and was the largest catastrophe program of its type upon initiation. As a subcontractor on the Louisiana Road Home Program, Team Title/ TCS closed in excess of 75,000 Option 1 grants that funded the restoration of homes damaged by Katrina.


Additionally, TCS closed over 4,000 Option 2 and 3 grants within the program, which allowed residents to sale their homes to the State of Louisiana so that they could purchase a new home. TCS's services on the Road Home Program resulted in over 5 billion dollars being disbursed to residents so that they could rebuild their homes or purchase a new one.

Following the Louisiana Road Home Program, Team Title formalized its government services and disaster relief division and renamed it Team Civic Solutions. Currently, TCS is a subcontractor on the Restore Louisiana Program, where it is providing its knowledge, expertise and services to the title and closing portion of the project. To date, Team Title has performed in excess of 13,500 closings and over 18,000 title searches for those Louisiana residents affected by the historic floods of 2016. Additionally, Team Title is currently providing title, closing and consulting services on CDBG disaster recovery projects in Texas, Florida, North Carolina, California, New Jersey, and Puerto Rico. See more project history. 


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